Research emphasizes mindfulness to lower stress – Las Cruces Sun-News

Did you know that meditation can be combined with a physical activity? Some people claim that practicing meditation while walking allows them to experience a greater sense of awareness as compared to being in a sitting position.

Las Cruces Sun-NewsResearch emphasizes mindfulness to lower stressLas Cruces Sun-NewsNMSU students have an opportunity to learn more about mindfulness by taking an undergraduate course, Introduction to Mindfulness. A graduate course on mindfulness is also offered. Adams and Hitter are collecting data on how the class affects students…Research emphasizes mindfulness to lower stress – Las Cruces Sun-News

Are you looking for natural methods to prevent you from dealing with stress-related disorders? Studies show that mindfulness meditation helps improve symptoms of heart disease. Moreover, it has been found that many people who meditate on a regular basis have lower chances of dealing with stress-related illnesses.

Searching for techniques that can help you with your journey through learning meditation? Please check out the websites below.


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