Mindfulness enters corporate mainstream – Boston Globe

Mindfulness helps develop your sense of creativity. It teaches you ways to be less critical about yourself, and instead to focus your mind in focusing on new things. Mindfulness helps you learn to let go of your problems, grief and fears, so you’ll have the ability to fully engage yourself in activities that’s taking place in the present moment.

Boston GlobeMindfulness enters corporate mainstreamBoston GlobeProfessional sports teams use mindful techniques, and there are even some group meditations on Capitol Hill. In the corporate setting, the mindfulness movement is purportedly about changing the culture so that both employee and employer can better …..Mindfulness enters corporate mainstream – Boston Globe

Loving kindness, also called unconditional love, is one of the main parts of mindfulness meditation. Having an attitude of loving kindness to yourself and others can transform your life and your relationships. This kindly well-wishing can be shared with each and every one, without waiting for anything in return. This is important in helping you realize a happier and more creative state of mind.

Trying to find ways that can help you with your journey through learning meditation? Feel free to check out the websites below.


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